Hints on learning 





       Dear Friend,





       Are you considering enrolling in Eartheaven Academy? My deepest desire is to wholeheartedly welcome you into a new learning experience.



       How do we learn and why?



     Learning, as you may already have concluded, is not just an intellectual experience but rather a process of understanding our own life. The process is motivated by life itself and is directed by our deep desire to grow, develop and experience better selves.


     While learning, we go through certain levels from which we can internalize and experience the things we've learned. By being aware what these levels are, we can make our learning much more effective.    


     The first stage is about Hearing in the mind: Creating a new mindful perspective. Understanding our original potential and what has diminished our ability in living it out. At this point our hearing remains rather intellectual. Cognitive awareness is like a structure; we see the shape and we can say it is square, round or that two points are intersecting each other. However, we may not understand what it means to our lives. It’s understood rationally.


     The second stage is Hearing and Learning in the soul: The soul can and does experience the learning of the mind. The soul feels and gives texture to the learning of the new perspective. When this occurs we enter into a deeper level of truths by which we are empowered. We feel the wisdom we study; now it takes on a body so to speak. Learning in the soul is a deeper hearing. It is as if the truths have a soul.


     The third stage is Hearing in the heart and Knowing: Living what we have learned through our soul’s experience. When we practice our truth, we then inherit into the depth of our being. Applied truth becomes embedded into our soul and heart. We call this process “Inheritance" through which the deepest transformation occurs. We are no longer thinking about truth, nor just feeling our souls’ response to truths, rather we are becoming truths and whereby a knowing beyond any doubt is birthed.


     The Eartheaven Academy invites you into a journey of knowing your own self better and deeper.  In your mind’s eye is a vision of how you wish to experience life. We offer you an opportunity of coming closer to your core existence, your true identity. A new beginning from which you can attain greater power and wisdom to live, create and operate in your environment, making it a better place for yourself and those around you.


                                                                                                                    Sincerely,                                                                                                                                              Dr. David H.Fastiggi


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