Sharing more of The Eartheaven Vision


   A NEW  LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR               PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION -                                  BODY & SOUL

Eartheaven means that there is no separation between earth & heaven: It is the true identity of our body & soul as one. It is a unique formula for simultaneous healing of body & soul through levels of re-creation. It is a process leading to the gateway of personal transformation which is the immediate goal of Eartheaven Academy. A long term goal is humanity’s home: a place of inner peace reflected outwardly; a place where the Eartheaven vision is reflected in all spheres of human life & in the world of creation. 


You'll need tools if you’re going to build or grow anything. If it’s a house, you’ll need a hammer and nails. If it’s a garden, you’ll need a spade and seeds. And if you want to build or cultivate yourself, your relationships, or your family you’ll need a solid toolbox of wisdom & knowledge. We believe that the 10 teachings of the soul and 10 teachings of the earth will provide you with necessary principles and insights so you’ll be able to re-create your life according to your birth purpose. It means that your emotional, biological and social existence can be transformed. Imagine your life is a journey home and you are lost. What is the most precious thing you’d like to have with you? Apart from all kinds of life supporting objects, you will certainly need to know which way to go. Eartheaven teachings are like a road map. Understanding them will activate your inner compass and help guide you to your goals.

The Eartheaven Academy provides: tools to help clear your sight; opportunities to practice what you have learned; a supportive environment to grow, and much more. Our open community and mentors will help you to take steps towards a new life experience. 



No doubt humanity needs a home. We may often feel like a stranger in our own home, community or even our planet. We sense something is seriously wrong, and it is. While improvements have been made over the course of thousands of years, the civilization we have created is not Eartheaven. We live in a state of duality and often do not take a chance to change something and come closer to experiencing the wholeness of life. We are like orphans in our own land, meanwhile our planet is crying for its original residents.


An Eartheaven home is waiting to be born. We first need to become true to our original identity so that our spiritual, emotional and physical life is balanced and healthy. Our True Selves will show the way to enhance the potential of human relationships and will awaken the innate wisdom to maintain ecological balance alongside industrial progress. This is Eartheaven - our original homeland. 


There are many layers to division and conflict. It starts within the individual and weaves itself into our families, communities, and eventually the world. The question is often stated, “is it our genetic or our environment that cultivates character”? Self-hatred, domestic violence, abusive behavior to genocide, is a refelction of deep inner disturbance. From biochemical imbalance to childhood abuse and societies conflictive messages (including schools and media that feed dissonance), all add to the discord.

The education offered in the Eartheaven paradigm can assist in the resolution of this division and conflict through a path to integrated living. As the true identity of the soul and biological self develop and by extension we take responsibility as guardians of creation, our evolutionary life potential can advance.




There are certain principles operating within heaven and earth. Laws (or principles) govern the very ecosystem of our planet as well our soul’s growth. Life is not as arbitrary as it may seem. The principles of both heaven and earth complement one another. For instance in physics there is: gravity, reciprocal relationship, breakdown and regeneration. In our spiritual/psychological development connectedness and communication enhances growth while disconnection and separation inhibits development.  The Eartheaven goal is the integration of the principles of spiritual and biological growth to heal the soul and the body.



Eartheaven is possible.  Humanity has the ability to turn the tide and live up to its evolutionary life potential. The principles that guide Eartheaven will stand the test of time.  They are as relevant for who we are today as they will be for the generations to follow. Eartheaven wisdom is the roadmap to an endless sea of whole hearted love which is as timeless as time itself.



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