EHA 102:  The Eartheaven Modules
EHA 103:  The Eartheaven Advanced Course

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There is a reciprocal relationship between body and soul. In this course you will be guided through the ten corresponding stages of your physical cleansing and your emotional growth. Fundamentals introduces the "how to" obtain simulteneous healing and growth according to the unifying paradigm of Eartheaven.  

Do you feel connected? Do you make decisions that support the person you want to be? How healthy is your relationship with yourself and others around you? The answers to your life are written within you, you just need to learn how to clear the way to access them. In doing so you will be advised how to make clearer choices. In this course you will discover:
  • How to access the truth buried within yourself
  • How to identify wounds and hidden traumas
  • How to dissolve obstacles keeping you from joy   and fulfillment
  • How to create meaningful relationships
  • How to create stability in your life
And much more...
Do you wake up feeling energized? Do you have cravings? Suffer bouts of depression? Sicken easily? Take a long time to recover from minor injuries and illness? Sixty percent of disease is preventable through diet and lifestyle changes. From this course you will learn:
  • About the relationship between your
    physical body and the earth
  • Purification stages and techniques
  • Stages of biological recovery
  • How to maintain optimal health
  • The relationship between food and mood
  • How to apply general principles to your
    individual needs and path of healing
And much more…

The Advanced course builds upon the fundamentals and includes topics that provide depth and plenitude to the vision of the Eartheaven paradigm. Advanced learning combined with practical experience gives power and ultimate clarity in obtaining an integrated life of love and health. The system to lead you through the process is called the Q blueprint of wholeness. The ultimate benefit for you individually is the opportunity to see and experience life through the heart of your True Identity, the heart of a healthy and whole human being.

The next level of learning is through Add-on modules. These are topics you may choose from to enhance, deepen and broaden your understanding of Eartheaven.

  EHA 101:  The Eartheaven Fundamentals  
You may have learned that the nutrition of the body affects how we feel, and the psychological/emotional state of the soul affects the body. Healing of one's body & soul needs to be done simultaneously for both body & soul to properly support and communicate to one another in a healthy way. This synergistic approach offers the most effective way to attaint the Q experience of life.
The advanced course utilizes the lifetime study text book by David H. Fastiggi. This course presents the most developed stage of learning. It requires a full year of active course participation and study. You will receive a Certificate of Completion which is recognized by our worldwide umbrella organization, H.E.L.P. Earth Peace Foundation which qualifies you to Teach and facilitate EH Workshops and provides the oppotunity to become a certified Eartheaven Mentor.