A bit of history

The history of our foundation and learning institute started many years ago, during the 1970’s, when David Fastiggi embarked on his life journey to understand human anguish and suffering.  His life took a dramatic turn at the age of 18 when he began a path of physical purification and multicultural spiritual studies.  He was drawn to the Monzano Mountains where he would fast for weeks at a time and listened carefully, in silence and solitude. 


David's life became the pursuit of a wholesome understanding of spiritual and biological laws which led to the revealing of profound wisdom and truth. The application of his learning, coupled with biological purification and spiritual awakening changed his state of being.


To deepen his understanding David has pursued an education in clinical nutrition, psychology, various theologies and ancient languages. He has put this together into a system of learning which is offered at the Eartheaven Academy.  It is the integration of universal principles:  spiritual, psychological and scientific.


Humanity's Evolutionary Life Potential is accessible and we believe this is a time to take this leap forward.

The Eartheaven Vision


Everyday life reveals conflict taking place both internally and externally. We believe that the first step toward changing this and become peacemakers is through our own personal breakthrough into a different paradigm of living.  As we grow closer toward reconciliation of the self and leave the state of division, we enter into the force of creation where we are naturally empowered to pursue goodness and our true potential unfolds. The goal is to live the experience of love, inner peace and good physical health. When both soul and body respond to a rhythm of universal love and natural laws of creation we experience Eartheaven in our lives.


In our minds' eye we see people who respect each other for their divine core and have profound awareness of the potential of love. They enjoy their differences and empower each other to live and create. They are profoundly alive and deeply caring. They replace the cycles of dysfunctional relationships with compassion and mutual enhancement of life. It refers to all kind of relationship within the creation. 


We believe that we can change the way we see and experience life, have courage to choose wisely and be fruitful making a difference. We just need to know HOW to do it. You and I and all people need to enter a new paradigm of life which is the fulfillment of the Eartheaven vision. The Q7 system of healing offers the possibility of a new future. 




Changing the way we experience life

"I wake up in the early morning and hear the bird chirping to me at my windowsill, - 'Time to greet the day'. I sit up, breathe in and out, and feel gratitude for another day. My mind is clear as a crystal, eyes bright as I sense the universe embracing my being. My body seems weightless as I am so agile. I go downstairs, drink some water and feel the rivers of pure water entering my body. After taking a shower and combing my hair, I notice a glow of light from my face, a golden translucent tone; just a normal day.


After a few years of systematic fasting, transitional diets, cleansing and regenerating the cells of my body, meditation, prayer, relearning life's universal principles this profound transformation occurred. It became the foundation of my life course."


                                                                        From the book by Dr. David H. Fastiggi


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